How to Look Stylish in Big and Tall Dress Shirts

Stylish big and tall dress shirts, learn how to take advantage of your height to look dashing!

Few clothing manufactures specially create big and tall dress shirts as they design mostly for shorter, more average height men.

Therefore, tall and thin men face a different set of challenges from the short men, chief of them being not able to find perfect fitting garments, therefore ending up purchasing compensating clothing in larger sizes. The shirts end up fitting horribly, the neck is either too loose, the sleeves are too short, or the body too full.

Rest assured, however, that big and tall dress shirts are not doomed to be out-of-date and out-of-style; vertically gifted men, too, can dress as spiffy as their shorter, more fashionable brethren.

Wearing shirts that are too tight will make you look like a Popsicle in a wrapper. The other extreme, wearing baggy clothes to hide your tallness, will only make you look more silly. The best route for tall people is to get something fitted, especially at the waist. Take extra special care to ensure correct arm length and collar size.


Strive to achieve ideal proportion. Emphasis your width, or bulk, and deemphasize your length. This can be achieved by several methods with the shirts, pants and neckties.

Shirts For Tall Men

Avoid skimpy or tight fitting clothes, for they accentuate your tallness, and make you look lanky and gangly. Instead, add more accessories to your shirts. You might consider having 2 pockets, changing the cuffs colors or having a wider collar. Another effective method are high collars. Tall men generally have longer necks, and high collars will hide these better. Too short collars will let you look like a giraffe or stork. Check out those high collars on Tom Wolfe

tom_wolfe, high collar, long neck, tall men

High Collar Shirts On Tom Wolfe

Look Out!

Avoid stores mediocre men's stores that only sell in small, medium and large. The restricted sizes virtually guarantee an ill fitting shirt. Medium will fit across the chest and waist, but arm lengths will be a joke. Large will see the armholes dropping to your nipples. So don't buy from them. Remember, fit is most significant in determining your handsome looks when wearing big and tall dress shirts.

Fabrics and Patterns

No vertical stripes please! Stick to solid colors in pants. The stripes will lengthen your legs, shorten your torso and destroy any sense of proportion you tried to hard to create previously.

Pre-worn jeans are in style, and can be used to the big and tall man's advantage. Look for horizontally striped "bleaching", especially near the upper thigh or where pleats would be on dress pants.

Avoid vertical stripes! These will only make you look thinner than you already are. Try solid color or checkered patterns instead. Large patterns with high contrast will also bring out the width in your torso. However, if you cannot live without stripes, at least go for wide stripes, or those with muted tones like herringbones. Narrow and close together stripes are a big NO NO.


Flee from anything that tapers like the picture below.

tapered jeans, NOT for tall men to wear

Tapered Jeans. Should not be seen on tall men!

Tapered jeans are an abdomination designers forced on us during the ugly 90s. They uglify your legs into tiny ice cream sticks, supporting your huge frame above. Do Not Wear Them

Straight legged pants flatters and look most proportional on big and tall men wearing big and tall dress shirts. The cutting of these pants give your legs some space to move, and also the illusion of width, allowing a more dignified look on tall men. Use pleats and cuffs to add more fullness and width to your look. Cuffs reduce the length of your legg.

straight Cut Pants, suitable for tall men to wear

Pair of Straight Cut Pants

A classy boot cut jeans will also make you look slightly wider, lending more proportion to your width, without making you look like a flower child.

boot cut jeans that gives more width and proportion to tall men

Boot Cut Jeans That Gives More Width To Tall Men

High rise pants even out the length of your torso and legs. But be wise, if it is your legs that are unnaturally long, then wear low rise instead. The key is to make the body and legs appear symmetrical to achieve the illusion of proportion.

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