How To Choose A Tailor

Its not so easy to choose a tailor . These are the information and tips before you go ahead and choose any kind of tailoring, here are few handy tips to help you make the right decision.

Before going to a tailor

Educate yourself about the classic styles before going to a tailor. Understand the DNA of mens fashion by learning the key components of each part. Of course, you can always start from here.

When you find the gems, look out for these points

At the tailor shop

At the tailor, you are looking for pictures, example pieces, alteration miracles – you are looking for samples of their work that validates the tailor’s claims of greatness.

If the overall garment looks good, spend a few minutes studying the details – does the stitching look secure and clean, is the build and silhouette something you want in your clothing.

After tailoring your shirts

After tailoring your shirts, be sure to enquire about the turnaround time and alterations.

For popular tailors, this can go up to 4 weeks. But in general, expect to wait about 2 - 3 weeks.

Ensure also there is a fitting session for your shirts, for every body has its own nuances that a measuring tape cannot reflect. You can only feel the shirt after it is made, and know if there are any alterations needed.


Notice I didn’t mention Price – this is the least important factor to choose a tailor and should be a minor consideration even for those tight on money. You want to find a skilled tailor who can help you realize your vision of the perfect custom fit. Saving twenty dollars and not getting what you want is a waste of money – spend a little more and getting exactly what you pictured is always worth it.

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