All About Hong Kiat

Hong Kiat is a corporate drone, working in sunny singapore. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2005, and has since been fighting his way up in the corporate world.

During his schooling days, Hong Kiat was often dressed in Bermudas and t shirts. That was essentially the dress code of the school.

But after graduation, and after being inducted into the corporate world, he realized that that was not suitable corporate armour to be climbing the corporate ladder.

Therefore the search begins into the confusing and confounding world of shirts and formal corporate wear.

Hongkiat has many interests. He is a toastmaster member and has just received proudly his Competent Communicator and is looking forward to further his public speaking skills in Toastmasters.

On the physical side, Hongkiat likes to run, and takes part in various marathons his country organises. This hobby is being put on hold right now as his resolution for 2009 is to build his site into a popular and profitable site for people to learn about shirts and to make them online.

About This Site

The website layout is kept simple so that YOU, the visitor, can have the smoothest, easiest experience on the net. That means no esoteric fonts, bright colour backgrounds and rotating icons.

The large fonts also means that all visitors can READ CONTENT easily!

Dark backgrounds are easier on the eyes than staring at a white screen. Your monitor is essentially a clever light bulb, and staring at a white background while you read is comparable to staring at your ceiling lights.

If you have used a word processor in the dark, you will know what I mean. Would you stare at a light bulb for hours at a time? Not if you want to keep your vision.

For those want to print, copy-and-paste the selected parts on a word document. This allows you to choose only what you need and format according to your preferences.

I have had a great time creating this site and love to help my visitors. One way I can help them is by setting the record straight. I used Solo Build It to build this site and it helped me greatly. If you have ever heard of SBI or have run into those fake reviews, you should visit this site: SBI Scam site to find out the true story.

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