Shirt Care Techniques That Extends The Life of Your Dress Shirts

Ironing, washing, wearing it all wears and tears a shirt. What are the common tricks that allows you to make it last longer and look newer?

Shirt Storage

Some tips on how to hang your clothes so they will not crumple after 1 day, and look fresh as dew even weeks later.

Wearing Shirts

Every morning, after brushing my teeth and having my breakfast, I look forward to putting on my shirt. A daily routine, I take the shirt out of its protective laundry bag, slowly remove it from its hanger, then drape it across my shoulders.

Respect your shirt, and it will respect you back by making you look your best.

Washing Shirts

Click here for my process to wash clothes, which is well tested and proven to keep them clean, and last a long time.

Ironing Shirts

Iron shirts make some men tremble in fear. However, with a few simple instructions, ironing a shirt properly will seem as simple as any other everyday task.

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