How To Find The Different Style For Men

All male bodies are different, and require their own style for men.Let your personality and self shine thorough your clothes.

Learn how to discover unique dress shirts with spread collars or french cuffs that look great on you, find the best dress shirts or maybe even settle for a wrinkle free dress shirt. Tab collar dress shirts might also be a good idea.

Big and Tall

Few clothing manufactures specially create big and tall dress shirts as they design mostly for shorter, more average height men.

Therefore, tall and thin men face a different set of challenges from the short men, chief of them being not able to find perfect fitting garments, therefore ending up purchasing compensating clothing in larger sizes. The shirts end up fitting horribly, the neck is either too loose, the sleeves are too short, or the body too full. This is not the ideal style for men.

Short and Stout

Short men have a tough time trying to be treated with the proper respect they deserve. Society place great emphasis on of height, especially for men and this creates the tendency for shops and retail stores to stock mostly clothes that are made for regularly sized men, ignoring the short man market. What to do for all the “vertically challenged” men out there? Find out more style for men by clicking on the link above.

"Be yourself, for everyone else is taken."
                                     Oscar Wilde

Dress Shirt Fabrics

Shirt fabrics is the main contributor to the quality of the dress shirt. A shirt rests directly on your skin for more than 8 hours every day, so it is important to choose the best possible quality.

Shirt fabrics, or "shirtings" as they are called by tailors, are of various nature and variously appropriate. Cotton is by far the most common fabric for dress shirts, and most fabric names refer to a particular method of weaving it. The numbers sometimes listed with fabrics denote the thickness of the yarn from which the fabric is made; higher numbers mean thinner yarn, and thence finer cloth and higher prices.

Coordinate Colours

Our face should be the focal point of any outfit, and shirt colors help to guide viewers eyes to our face.

The two main color techniques are as follows: The relationship between your complexion and an outfits level of contrast. The colors of any ensemble should correspond the same degree of contrast of ones skin and hair tones, a persons two primary color signposts.

The second is to highlight the face by repeating one or more of its colors worn below.

Match Shirt and Ties

Before embarking on the treacherous journey to mix patterns, the first baby step is to learn how to mix two like patterned garments, such as a striped tie with a striped dress shirt.

The end effect of mixing patterns is to achieve a harmonious play of effects between the patterns, and to develop a unique and enduring dress sense. Having the knowledge and ability to mix patterns also enlarges your current wardrobe by freeing you from your current comfort zone, and allowing you to purchase new and different kinds of patterns for future use. It also increases the number of combinations when traveling with limited luggage.

This section elaborates on recognizing your body type, finding the styles that fit and crafting a "uniform" to build the brand of YOU.

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