Learn the Critical Skills to Design Your Own Shirt

Your male dress shirt covers more than 90% of your torso, for almost 8 hours everyday. It is one of the greatest factors in creating your first impression.

Many people dislike wearing cheap dress shirts and want to customize their own dress shirts. However, they have no idea how to proceed. Male dress shirts come in a variety of types. There are french cuff dress shirt, or even spread collar dress shirt.

The most important points when you design your own shirt are especially the shirt collars, shirt cuffs and shirt yoke.

Wouldn't it be important to find a shirt that fits "harmoniously" in relation to you?

A well designed male dress shirt takes several key measurements into consideration.

The most important are Shirt Yoke

The single most important tell tale sign of a quality shirt. Click to find out how to design your own expensive looking shirt in one fell swop!

Face Shapes

Find out what face shape you belong to, and what kinds of collars suit you best when you design your own shirt.

Dress Shirt Collar Style

The dress shirt collar has a VERY important role. It acts like a frame for the most beautiful masterpiece in the world, Your Face. Select the best collar for you here!

Dress Shirt Length

The ideal shirt length for a guy, whether it's a button down, a polo, or a t-shirt, is halfway down the zipper, or from the back, covering your rear fully. This is to ensure that when you sit down, you do not untuck your shirt accidentally.

Shirt Plackets

Understand what is the Placket Front, French Front and Fly Front. Learn the differences and choose your favourite when you design your own shirt.

Dress shirt with French Cuffs

Different styles of shirt cuffs will dramatically change the look and feel when you design your own shirt. Cuffs present a different perspective and level of formality. Click the link above to find out more!

Body Shape and Size

Your body shape and size will play an important part in making you look handsome. For example, shorter men should be wearing long stripes down the chest while tall and thin men should avoid such patterns.

You no longer have to grapple and tussle with undependable shop assistants to find the right shirt for you after learning how to find the perfect style for yourself.

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