All About Washing Shirts

Washing shirts on a weekly basis, I have a separate laundry basket for home clothes and outside clothes. Outside clothes include my dress shirts and other delicates.

Before washing my dress shirts, I always check if there is any packets of tissue papers lingering in my pants, or shirt pockets. Its extremely depressing to find bits of disintegrated tissue stuck to your clothes.

Next use separate laundry bags for each garment, this will ensure the longetivity of each shirt. Especially essential for men as we tend to spend more on each shirt.

Put the shirts in the washing machine. As you can see, mine is a top loader.

Half a cap of detergent should do the trick.

Set the machine to delicate wash, and maximum of 3 minutes spin dry. Too long spin drying will wear out your shirts in no time.

After washing, unload and hang it up to dry.

Always wash dark colors in cold water - it will prevent fading. Use a mild detergent, preferably something made specifically for darks or blacks. (i.e., Woolite Dark)

If the fabric is particularly delicate, wash it by hand with cold water and Borax.

Never put black clothing in the dryer, it will only make the clothes fade quicker. Instead, hang them to dry.

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