My Office Shirt Story

by Kerri

My husband is a dress freak. He loves good clothes and cannot resist great bargains. Of course, when the sales season comes, he goes totally bananas!!! The end result, we have had to construct a huge walk-in closet to fit in all his attire!

When I first got married to him, I got up the first morning to iron his clothes. I had to iron his shirt about five times, and then I finally gave up! He just wasn't satisfied with the way I did it. God!!! It was so frustrating.

After I cooled down a bit, I asked him to show me how it's done and he did. It's really an art! One which I mastered with time and practice.

My husband has a collection of so many shirts, it's not even funny! I mean if it's stripes, he has to have them in every width, shade, size, horizontal, vertical, pin, broad, etc. if it's check, he has to have them in all available sizes, styles, colors and so on. It's a nightmare arranging his cupboard because, it takes ages!!!!

Although, he simply loves pure 100 percent cotton shirts, they are very very difficult to iron and crease easily. So, he often ends up buying easy -iron, wrinkle-free kinds.

For the first few years in our marriage, I often used to buy him shirts as birthday present or even without an occasion, if I happened to see a new style or something.

But now, I have simply put a stop to it, no more! We have made a rule, if he wants to buy new ones; he has to give an equal amount away. I mean to say, if he wants two new shirts, he must first give away two of his old ones to charity. This way, there is a check and balance and the guilt doesn't kill you!

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