Shirts that fit correctly after weight loss

by Simone

I've done a lot of dressmaking over the years and have made shirts for myself a few times. I've never made a man's shirt though.

I agree with everything that's been said on this website about being careful about measuring. The old adage is to measure twice and cut once. That can save you a lot of hassle and materials! (Don't ask!)

Making shirts is a great idea though, especially if you're like my husband and son. They both have long bodies and short limbs, so getting long sleeved shirts with the correct length arms can be difficult. I've found over the years that it doesn't pay to buy cheap shirts because they don't fit properly.

My husband has recently lost a lot of weight, especially off his tummy, so now many of his shirts are baggy. Previously he had to buy "regular" fit shirts to get enough space to hold his bulging belly. Now that the weight has gone he can wear more fitted shirts.

These look and fit much better. Of course, having the right size collar has also helped. He refused to buy new shirts until he'd reached a certain milestone in his weight loss. This was very frustrating for me because his neck had shrunk so it looked like a small post in a too big hole!

Eventually he was forced to buy new clothes because all his old ones were simply hanging off him. The salesman measured hubby's neck and found that there was an inch and a half difference in the collar size. No wonder the old shirts looked so awful.

Of course, because it's been such a long time since he last bought shirts he found that the collar styles have changed considerably. Modern styles are narrower and less pointed than they used to be. Being "very conservative" in tastes this has proved a little challenging to my beloved. He's having to get used to all the compliments about how good he's looking. Hardly surprising though. When your clothes fit you properly and don't look like something that should be scaring birds in the middle of a field you're going to look good.

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